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Two Tablespoons.
Just about every recipe I know calls for two tablespoons of something.  Its the most commonly used measurement in American cooking.  It is also an ounce of water.  These spoons are often available.  They are similar, but each is really a one of a kind. These spoons are great for measuring, cooking, and serving with. 

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Cherry 2TBSP

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The spoons above are both carved from American Black Cherry. 

They sell for $38 each.

The slant shape above is inspired by a spoon I bought in an antique shop in West Springfield Massachusetts. It was worn down from being used in cast iron for many, many years.  This angle is incorporated in many things I do, it is the natural angle to work with.

Water is used to calibrate everything.  It has a specific density.   Measuring cups are measured by water.  These are all liquid measure.  Dry measure is done by weight, but no body does it like that any more. 

The pictures below are all pieces made of Birdseye Maple and sell for $45 to $48 each.

The images above and below are different views of the same Birdseye Maple 2TBS spoon.  No two spoons, nor two handles are ever exactly the same. I spend a lot of time holding my own handles while I carve the rest of the spoon so they must fit comfortably in my grip.

I also make 1TBSP sizes as seen above.  This one is also Birdseye Maple.