Above, the pointed tine Birdseye Maple Salad set, below, the blunted tines.  Years of experience have lead to these shapes for their functionality, beauty and strength. The Salad set makes the perfect wedding or house warming gift. Because each set is signed and dated, it perfectly connects the gift to the year of the occasion. Jim signs and dates all his work with a wood burner.  

Jim is not taking orders at this time. He is on hiatus while he sets up his new shop in Mandeville, LA.  

 Also lovely in Salad.

Functionality and Beauty

Southern Italian Pasta Fork.  Its the only place where the fork is depicted in classic art is in Southern Italy, brought there by Marco Polo from China. The Chinese actually invented the knife and the fork.  They chose against them and and went back to chopsticks.   Polo brought forks to Italy, then the Queen of England got a hold of it and started using them during meals.  This created controversy because the spiritual powers at the time decided the fork looked too much like the devils horns, or  Poseidon's Trident.   They were really down on forks.  The southern Italian pasta fork always has three tines, not four, I don’t know why.

The Spoon in the Salad Set is designed as a Rice Paddle.  Rice paddles have a single perimeter edge like a knife does. Most spoons have two perimeters. They have an edge that comes from the outside, and another from the inside surface to make a shelf on the top.  There is no ‘shelf’ on the edge of this Rice Paddle so it can cut well into your sticky rice like a knife edge.

Below is a slightly fuzzy picture of the round salad and serving set.