Jim's Handmade Spurtles on "Mad Hungry"

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The Famous "Mad Hungry" Spurtle
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Jim Wilson's trademark Spurtle is carved from Birdseye Maple.
It is the Scottish forerunner to our  modern utensils.  Spatulas, stir- fryers, mixers; things that go under food and move it around all started this way, as a simple spurtle.   This happens to be Scottish. They made them for their porridge
and was their main cooking utensil.  Because of it's curved, smooth surface, it is shaped for both moving food around, and for scraping the food off on the side of your vessel.

Spurtle means 'peasant's sword' or 'saber'.
Jim likes to make them feel balanced in the hand. 

Spurtles are excellent in hot wet, spicy, wild food. They are handy in a big pot of chili, or whipping up your batter. Excellent for flipping over vegetables in a hot wok, scraping around in your mixing bowl, wok,  frying pan, or really anything you can imagine . 
They have endless uses, and are built to weather the storm of your cooking.

Jim is not taking orders at this time. He is on hiatus while he sets up his new shop in Mandeville, LA.  

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Each one is hand made by Jim Wilson.
 No two are exactly the same.
Each is a work of art and resilience.